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Our strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives are:

  • To provide outstanding healthcare to our local communities
  • To offer a range of high quality specialist services to patients in Lancashire and South Cumbria
  • To drive innovation through world class education, training and research

The delivery of excellent services to our local patients through the provision of district general hospital services is at the core of what we do. To achieve this we need to ensure we focus on meeting key quality and performance indicators so our patients can be assured of safe and responsive services. As well as providing healthcare for our local patients, we are proud to be the regional centre for a range of specialist services. 

These services include:

  • Major Trauma
  • Cancer (including radiotherapy, drug therapies and cancer surgery)
  • Disablement services such as artificial limbs and wheelchairs
  • Neurosciences including neurosurgery and neurology (brain surgery and nervous system diseases)
  • Specialist vascular surgery
  • Renal (kidney diseases)

 Our portfolio of services will continue to develop as the strategy for the provision of services across our region is developed by our commissioners, but the delivery of specialist services will remain at the heart of our purpose and the decisions we take in our day to day activities will be taken in the context of ensuring we remain as the region’s specialist hospital. We have recently undertaken a service portfolio review to ensure that we can deliver sustainable services which have key interdependencies to our regional service provision. 

When we were established in 2005 we were the first trust in the county to be awarded ‘teaching hospitals’ status. We believe that developing the workforce of the future is central to delivering high quality healthcare into the future. We know we are a regional leader in respect of our education, training and research and as the only National Institute of Health Research clinical research facility in the region and a leading provider of undergraduate education, we will continue to drive forward the ambitions described in our education and research strategies.